Biffa trials Britain’s first solar-assisted powered waste trucks

Biffa is trialling Vision Techniques’ Solar Save panels powered by Trailar on its collection trucks to power their batteries and reduce CO2 emissions. By adding solar panels to top up regular engine power, up to 3,100KG of carbon emissions can be saved per vehicle each year.

With 2,900 trucks across its business, if the trials are successful this could help Biffa save up to 8,990,000 KG of carbon emissions. The amount of fuel saved equates to 95,313 miles.

This would mark a significant contribution to Biffa’s 50% emission reduction target by 2030, building on its successful 65% decrease since 2002. The solar panels would minimise the necessary impact of Biffa’s trucks on the environment.

The reduction in emissions would also contribute to the UK’s Net Zero target for 2050.