Carbon capture plans in the Humber take step forward

SSE Thermal and Equinor have submitted a planning (DCO) application for one of the UK’s first power stations equipped with carbon capture technology, marking a major milestone in plans for decarbonisation in the Humber region.

The proposed Keadby Carbon Capture Power Station, or ‘Keadby 3’, would be a new 900MW power station in North Lincolnshire, fuelled by natural gas and fitted with carbon capture technology to remove CO2 from its emissions. The new power station would replace older, carbon-intensive generation on the electricity grid, providing flexible and efficient power to support intermittent renewable generation and maintain security of supply through the net zero transition.

The power station would connect into the onshore CO2 pipeline infrastructure being developed by the Zero Carbon Humber (ZCH) partnership – which includes Equinor and SSE Thermal – and offshore CO2 infrastructure being developed by the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP), which includes Equinor. This would see the captured CO2 transported from the Keadby site and securely stored under the Southern North Sea.

Keadby Carbon Capture Power Station would capture around 1.5 million tonnes (MT) of CO2 annually, meeting 15% of the 10MT target for 2030 set out in the Prime Minister’s ‘Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ last year. With the necessary policy mechanisms and shared infrastructure in place, Keadby Carbon Capture Power Station would have the potential to come online by 2027, in line with Government plans for ‘Track 1’ industrial cluster projects.