Liquid Wind and industry leaders solidify partnership to accelerate eFuel production capacity

Liquid Wind announces a further strengthening of its partnership with pan- European decarbonization leaders to include plans of developing and marketing 10 additional eMethanol facilities in the Nordics by 2027. The Partnership was initially formulated in 2020 among key partners Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Siemens Energy and Topsoe. With the shared vision of creating a world that no longer relies on fossil fuels, the collaboration aims to reduce the time, cost, and risk of developing and executing Core eMethanol Plants (CMP).

Building on several years of successful collaboration, as demonstrated by the world-first commercial scale eMethanol facilityFlagshipONE, the partners’ common mission is to establish 80 standardized, state-of-the- art 100,000 tons eMethanol units by 2030,which are estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 14 million tons CO2 per annum.

With this latest expansion in its commitment, the partnership will increase production efficiency to further ramp up design andexecution of plants to produce a nominal 100,000 tons eMethanol per year with the aim to develop and market an additional ten Core eMethanol Plants (CMP) before the end of 2027. These units will contribute significantly to the global eMethanol market and futurereduction in emissions in hard-to-abate industries such as global shipping.

The partnership will continue to deliver industry leading ready-to-build eMethanol facilities that are quicker to fabricate, transport,construct, and commission, by leveraging partners’ innovative technologies and modular solutions. By pooling the partners’ technology expertise and capabilities, the partnership aims to unlock new, innovative, and effective fuel solutions for the shippingindustry, other hard-to-abate industries, and society at large.