Nissan invests in 20MW extension of its solar farm

Nissan, which employs some 6,000 people in the North East of England, has completed an investment that will more than double the amount of renewable energy produced at its North East plant.

The motor manufacturer has worked closely with Engenera Renewables Group, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, to develop a new 20MW solar farm extension – a move that will help the company take a big step towards becoming carbon neutral.

Nissan first started investing in renewables some 10-years ago, when it installed 10 wind turbines and, later, a 4.75MW solar farm. This additional solar farm extension will help Nissan generate 20% of the plant’s energy from onsite renewables.

Nissan has set a target to become a carbon zero company by 2050 – electrifying all vehicles by 2030. As the UK also moves towards a collective goal of net-zero carbon by 2050, Engenera is working with businesses of all sizes to install renewable energy solutions – be it solar farms, EV charging points or combined heat and power.

Teams at both Nissan and Engenera Renewables Group will monitor the progress of the solar farm extension and consult with local communities. The companies have also calculated that installing 35,000 solar panels would produce enough power for Nissan to build every single zero-emission Nissan LEAF sold across Europe.