SolarEdge Puts Renewable Energy on the Curriculum

 Leading global smart energy technology provider, SolarEdge, has  announced its DC-optimised solar solution has been chosen to supply clean, renewable energy for 11 schools in Coventry and South Gloucestershire. Funded by grants from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, the rooftop PV systems are forecast to produce combined annual energy savings of more than £194,000 and reduce carbon emissions by 298 tonnes.

The installations were completed in separate projects by Ineco Energy, as part of wide-sweeping initiatives by Coventry and South Gloucestershire Councils to improve the energy efficiency of their public buildings. Ineco Energy chose a SolarEdge DC-optimised system to meet the councils’ requirements for maximum energy generation, enhanced safety and – crucially – to ensure the lowest possible operation and maintenance (O&M) costs over the lifetime of the systems.

In a SolarEdge system, power optimizers are attached to solar modules to track the performance of each module – or pair of modules – in real time, and to allow each to work at its own maximum power point. In the event of a problem, an automatic alert is sent to the maintenance team, identifying the exact unit at fault. This means problems can be remedied rapidly, saving both time and money. Further, it ensures that any energy production losses resulting from system underperformance are kept to a minimum.